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The Witches Diner


A young woman by the name of Jung Jin, played by actress Nam Ji Hyun, is down on her luck and broke beyond what she ever imagined makes a deal with a mysterious and cantankerous woman, Song Ji Hyo, who claims to be a witch that grants wishes. However, every wish comes at a price perhaps a price that is too heavy. Will Jung Jin regret her wish and will she be able to help others who may make the same mistake as her. Will her new friend Lee Gil Young be able to help her when she needs it most or will he stand helpless on the sidelines?


Hello dear reader, I know what you are thinking there's two new reviews in one week? Well, I've actually been able to sit down and write. I've actually moved three times within the last four months and it's been a little hectic trying to get my life back on track after returning from Korea.

Anyway if you are a returning reader thank you for the return, if you are new I hope you see or read something you like that makes you want to return. I rate my dramas on two categories: storytelling and direction. In storytelling I take into account the acting, the writing, and the music. Under direction I take into account the directing and the editing. I call them my sticky notes because that tends to be what I write my thoughts on when I'm watching. For The Witches Diner I wrote 97% on storytelling and a 5/5 for direction.

This series was more than I expected. I saw the trailer's for it and thought this was going to be a good story I could sink my teeth into and I was correct. It's a miniseries which really works for it's platform because had this been a regular 16 episodes the story would have dragged. Because of it's shorter episodes it was able to flow at a steady pace. Now that does not mean there weren't saggy parts. There are moments in the drama that are unnecessary in order to move the story along but there aren't that many. The twist the writer uses to make the series less predictable was also unnecessary. The story would have been fine had they in included the little twist, but it didn't completely ruin the plot either. There were also a lot of things left undiscovered, such as the witch's supporter CEO Oh and back story, etc.

The main actress Nam Ji Hyun is a good actress I've seen her in suspicious partner with Ji Chang Wook and likes her performance there. This series wasn't any different. I loved how she portrayed a woman who greatly regretted her wish and wanted to help others before they made the same mistake she did. I appreciated how she fought with conflicting emotions when she fights with the idea of being awed and confused by the newfound powers she is developing. However, in one of the most crucial moments of the drama she fails. She seems impassive when she should be confused or even angry. I'm not sure if this delivery was an idea from the director or herself but the character's reaction didn't necessarily fit the moment or the situation.

I loved the love story. It's a bit sad but you can see the main leads fall for each other

slowly. This is an extremely slow burn. So, dear reader if a slow burn is not your style of love story I suggest you pass up or just enjoy the story for what it's mainly about. Also, if you do not like the nuna love angle then I also suggest you pass this one by. The main character is in his last year of high school and the main female lead's age is never really discussed but there is an assumption that she is in her mid to late 20's. Like I said the Jung Jin doesn't fall quickly and it takes Lee GilYoung's kindness and quiet persistence that eventually wins her over. By the way, the actor who plays Lee Gil Young, Chae Jong Hyeop did an amazing job in this show. I have never seen him in a drama before but if I saw he was in a drama again I'd watch it!

The cinematography for this series is just amazing. The set designs and the costuming for the witch transport you into this idea of mysticism and magic. Whoever was the costume designer for Jo Hee Ra went slightly overboard on the dark heavy almost

victorian like wardrobe, but I understand this is her nod to the Harry Potter series, which just so happens to be referenced a few times throughout the show. She uses such stark contrasts in the wardrobe to indicate the character's more innocent and happy selves to their tried and burdened ones. The set design also nods toward the Harry Potter series as well.

I appreciated that the plot of the episode changed. It didn't just follow one main story line but followed other several different subplots that all tie together in the end. It almost reminded me of the first season of Supernatural. It was nice to see different stories aside from the main plot which is actually somewhat unclear until a few episodes in. You know there is a witch, and there is a diner but it is unclear where the main plot is headed until a decision is made, or more like an accident. Another aspect I liked from this drama was the fact that when the customer's are eating their dishes prepared by the witch with their wish inside. It's not just the food they are eating but the wish itself and that is why they devour the plate in an almost ravenous rage. We all want our wishes to come true and that is no exception for these customer's who will do anything to get their desired wish.

This was my take on The Witch's Diner. I enjoyed it. If you are looking for a short 10 episode series this one is it. If you want to wait for spooky season this would fit perfectly in with the theme of the month. I have another drama I want to suggest for spooky season called the Zombie Detective but I will write a review for that one in when October starts to roll around. I watched this on VIKI but the series is free to anyone. Goodbye and until next time dear reader!

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