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​Hello everyone! My name is Alyssa Whetsell, I am a dancer, historian, and writer, here at your service. I was born and raised in New Mexico. You know, the place that Breaking Bad was based on. It is called the Land of Enchantment, home of the beautiful Sandia Mountains, and home to the delicious green chile. As much as I loved my home I've lived in Texas for about six years. 

Among the other hobbies I listed above I also have recently started to enjoy Korean Dramas (K-Dramas). I have decided that I need tell the world about these unique and wonderful works of cinema. I will be posting as much as possible since I already have a hefty list of dramas that I need to blog about and I am currently watching more. So much to tell! I am so excited for this blog and I hope you enjoy it as well I as I am. 


If you do like me and my writing look me up on wattpad. My author name is under A.C. Whetsell. I have a few stories posted on there. The Link to it is below.

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