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TOP 10

Here is a list of my 10 favorite Dramas!


Queen In Hyun's Man 

A time traveling romp that will make you laugh, cry, and make you ask, 'omo wae, wae did I watch this?' You will fall in love with this addicting Drama.


Oh My Venus 

This lighthearted drama is about a woman who wants to take control of her life and weight again. It'll make you laugh so loud you'll worry that the neighbors might hear you. There is also a certain level of honesty to life that'll speak to you on a personal level. 



Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 

She's strong, she's pretty and she's on her way to the top. Do Bong Soon is the strongest woman in the world but she has a dream and has yet to find what she truly wants in life. 



Fight My Way 

This unique show follows the lives of four childhood friends who all had big dreams before life as an adult crept in, but they are taking those lemons and exchanging them for something sweeter. They decide to follow their dreams and fight to show this world that they are something too. 



Crash Landing on You 

Romeo and Juliet anyone? Man, oh man, this is one of the best Romeo and Juliet storylines that I have found to be most entertaining and lovable. The actor is handsome beyond words, the actress amazing, the storyline, although not original, was captivating. This drama has everything, comedy, romance, action, adventure, and love platonic, familial, and romantic. 



Legend of The Blue Sea

They've met before, but where or when? This story is about how love can lead you to find your soul mate, even if you have to a few hundred years before they are reincarnated. There also seems to be a curse that follows the main couple through the centuries. Will they be able to break the cycle? 


Chicago Typewriter 

It's a little taste of Korean history during the Japanese annexation of Korea. Based in both past and present we get a little understanding of how the pst can affect the future. Of course, there's a little reincarnation, a ghostly presence, not to mention a beautiful story about friendship. This story will make you fall in love. I absolutely enjoyed this and recommend to anyone who likes history or story about a friendship so strong it can survive centuries.   


Queen of the Ring 

Who is pretty? When main lead Nan Hee finds out her family owns a ring that will make her the prettiest woman in the world to the man she likes she is all in. But will she struggle with her mixed identities and want to show him who she really is? 



A bromance mixed with two tragic but beautiful love stories are what await in this K-Drama. A lot of laughter and a lot of tears.  



Oh My Ghost  

She's seen ghost's all her life, but now she is going to be possessed by one. Bon Sun lives her life as a timid and shy kitchen worker who is secretly in love with her boss Chef Kang. When a spunky ghost possess her things go a little wonky making her crush, and others around her turn their heads. 

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