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Memories of Alhambra


A handsome and driven CEO of a gaming company, Yoo Jin Woo played by Hyun Bin, hears of a new and innovative game that can change the way people play. He stops at a run down hostel in Granada where he is supposed to meet with the programmer and creator of this new and exciting magical game. Instead he meets the creator's order sister, Jung Hee Joo played by Park Shin Hye, who is a down on her luck, hard working, and strong willed individual. Little does he know that she is the actual key to getting what he wants, and they didn't exactly hit it off in their first meeting. Anyway, the series is about Jin Woo making his way through a game that may or may not have become his reality.


Hello dear reader! We have almost come to the end of the Holiday season. I hope you are healthy and happy. Okay, so, I started this on a request. I heard about it, saw the commercials for it on Netflix, but put it aside because there were a few other series that I wanted to watch before I came back to this one. I was wrong. I should have started with this one. It has continuously surprised me. Netflix has done a marvelous job with these new K-Drama series they are now starting to co-produce. Mr. Sunshine was great, but it lacked that K-Drama feel and felt a whole lot more westernized. Memories of Alhambra not only has that K-Drama feel, but I think it has surpassed Mr. Sunshine in its plot.

In all, I wrote on my sticky notes that this show is a 95% for story telling and 4/5 on direction. The plot of the series is unique and from what I am aware of completely original. I love the small town Spanish feel of Granada and the whole "magic" concept of being in a live action game, where you can personally be involved in a video game. It takes on a whole new meaning of virtual reality. Of course, it has somewhat of a Jumangi twist to it, where the player can get caught up and literally sucked into the game. I liked this concept.

I found a few holes in the story where the older sister doesn't seem to be too distraught at first that her little brother has yet to return home from a trip with his friends. Jin Woo even mentions in the show that he is shocked that the young man's absence has yet to alarm his family. I agree. In fact, for a while you almost forget that he was even a character until he is mentioned again a few episodes later. The direction is great. Don't let my 4/5 rating fool you. I'm just a picky person and I like the direction, but I myself think things could have been shot differently. However, that is just me.

I am really enjoying this new onslaught of Spanish culture that has seeped into some of these K-Dramas. First was Encounter, where our main leads met in Cuba and now this new series where a good portion of the show is shot in Spain, Granada. As a hispanic I am so happy to see the representation of Spanish language and places that are in these new series. I especially love the classical guitar that is played throughout the show that tells Jin Woo when he is in the game. It sounds to pretty. I would be so excited to see and hear more in the future.

The main actors, and even the side actors such as Lee Re who plays Jung Min Joo, are doing great in this show. Shin Hye and Hyun Bin are not only believable but their chemistry is one for the books. I love the give and take between them. I love how independent and strong Hee Joo is as she supports her family. However, she isn't too strong and accepts help from loved ones and even kind enough to accept Jin Woo's apology and helps him when he needs it.

The plot continues to twist and spin, which is great. You kinda know the destination that the episodes take you but it still doesn't cease to surprise you on its journey there. Unlike The Last Empress, the characters and the show don't get on your nerves. It has the same surprise as The Last Empress, but the story doesn't take as long to take off. I have only seen the show available on Netflix. However, if you know of anywhere else this is available please leave a comment below for others to look at. If you have seen the series and want to discuss it, let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from you, dear reader. Anywho, goodbye and until next time, dear reader.

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20 feb. 2019

I was up in the air about it. I liked the ending, but I felt as if it was a little unfinished at the same time. I completely agree with you about Park Shin Hye. I thought she was great in this series. I don't understand why there was such a controversy over her.


29 jan. 2019

From what I could see of other comments out there, I am perhaps one of the handful of people that liked the final episode and the symbolism sprinkled throughout. My issue was with the episodes leading up to it i.e. eps 13-15 re filler moments, the fade out of the conflict with Professor Cha and the ex wives amounting to not much.

Overall, I felt MoA was a worthwhile concept because it addresses the use of VR/AR technology that is moving very quickly into the corporate workplace and in the medical sector. Then, as an aside, when looking into the history of the Alhambra itself, including how it was won and lost, one gets a deeper sense of what th…


29 jan. 2019

Sorry it has taken me so long! What did yo think of the ending? Thank you for the tip about the song. I looked it up and I might add the video on the blog!


30 dec. 2018

Another great overview 😊 I am really enjoying MoA. In fact, it was the first show I watched this morning re the latest update ahead of a list of others currently on my watch list. I think it is a very clever, well paced, and thought provoking, drama. The slow burn relationship between our two leads is also very fitting.

The piece of classical guitar music that plays during the encounters with Dr Cha is Memories of Alhambra. A flawless and beautiful rendition can be found on YouTube by Ana Vidovic. Park Shin Hye is a guitarist herself and so she made the effort to practice what is considered a most difficult piece to learn. When I see her play…

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