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100 Days my Prince pt. 2

Hello again dear reader! I hope you are all excited and enjoying these new drama's and the most recently aired episodes. I know I am. Both 100 Days my Prince and Terius Behind Me have me on tenterhooks. I am so excited and invested into these dramas that it has me going crazy. I honestly haven't had this thought provoking or obsessive need watch an episode each week in a while (not since the first season of timeless). I'm stuck in these worlds and I don't know how I am going to be able to escape. I literally wait for the little clips to be uploaded on YouTube at work so I can watch it even though there are no subtitles, because I legit have no patience dear reader! I need to know what's happening and I need to know it now.

I was planning on updating my review after the final episode aired but after this week I had to say something. In my previous post I mentioned that I had not yet rated this series. Well, I have decided on a rating it now even though the show has yet to come to it's conclusion. For story telling my sticky notes say that 100 Days my Prince is a 95%. I didn't give it a 100% because I find the character's of the princess and even sometimes the king to be bothersome. I understand the need to have these characters, but their scenes are just so cumbersome to watch. The same goes for other characters in the palace. I feel they have too much air time. Some of their scenes could be shortened or better written. Although, I agree that sometimes their presence is needed to push the story arch forward. I also gave the direction a 4/5, which I believe is about the same as I last rated it.

D.O. is doing a lot better. I still would like him to have more facial movement. Sometimes it sees all he knows how to do is the smolder look. The smolder is fine, but I need more. I need him to show some emotion on his face. I would like to know his facial muscles haven't forgotten how to move. Although, I realized the other day that D.O. may be going for what I like to call the Mr. Darcy effect. He continuously is grouchy and rude to others, but has random bouts of sincerity and kindness. Then mix in a constant smolder of I don't like anything ever, or I'm slightly bored, and there you have the Mr. Darcy effect. That is great and all, but even Mr. Darcy eased his smolder every now and then to show something akin to surprise, disgust, even sadness.

Perfect example of the Mr. Darcy smolder! (photo taken from Drama Fever)

Another reason I wanted to quickly update my review of this drama was a result of an article I just read. According to 100 Days my Prince has now set a new record. This week their ratings came in at 11.4 percent among Korean platforms (paid TV such as direct TV for example). This also places the drama as TvN's best rated Monday/ Tuesday drama. Honestly, it is no wonder for their success. The acting is great, the story is fresh and surprising, and the direction is great. All are must need ingredients for a successful drama.

If the previews for next week are any indicator I would say things will only get better. However, I'm not ready for the tear fest that is undoubtedly about to happen in the next few episodes. I am sincerely enjoying myself. Anyway, I hope this helps you decide to give the drama a try. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this series. I would like to hear your opinions. Goodbye and until next time, dear reader!

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