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12 Nights
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A young woman, Han Yoo Kyung, strolls around through Soul after her recent break-up and her latest unsuccessful attempt to be recognized in photography. As she tries to rejuvenate herself and remind herself just why she loves photography she meets Cha Hyun Oh. Hyun Oh like Yoo Hyung is running away from his unhappy lifestyle. He leases behind a dull life as an office worker to try and pursue his passion in dancing. They first meet by accident four times before Hyun Oh begins to call it fate. It isn't long before they begin to develop feelings for one another, but there is one catch they both have to return to their lives.


First, let me apologize for not posting something earlier. Things just got so busy lately and I've not had anytime to write a review. That being said, let us carry on with this review. I was honestly unsure if I should even watch this series, dear reader. The plot sounded a bit cheesy for me, which to be honest isn't usually a problem. There was just something about it that made me a bit wary. Well, fortunately enough for me I actually gave it a try. It wasn't as bad as I anticipated but it also wasn't as great as other K-Drama's I've seen.

On my sticky notes I have given it a 80% on story telling and a 3/5 on direction. Of course, that is on the first 5 episodes alone. My opinion may change once the series continues on. It did basically what I detest the most in any drama either American, British or Korean. I dislike it when the main character's go back and forth between "I like you" and "I don't like you." It's tiring to see and listen to.

However, I do have to say that to a degree the "I like you," "I don't like you" situation was understandable. Yoo Kyung had just gotten over a bad break-up with her longtime boyfriend and they were both from completely different places. Although they both sought for a similar reprieve they eventually had to return from whence they came. It's just, the quasi prickly behavior on Yoo Hyung's part was a little exhausting to see. Thankfully, it changes over a few episodes.

The side character's also have a interesting arch, for the most part. I do find the character Ban Gu Wol to be a bit annoying at times. He is whiney, lazy, and I believe he's supposed to be the comic relief, but he doesn't deliver much. This is not to the fault of the actor, Yoo Joon Hong, but the writer. Hopefully the writer changes that soon.

The direction had a few kinks in it that I didn't quite like and distracted me from the story. Of course, some of the problem didn't completely fall on the director but casting. Yoo Kyung is from America, New York to be exact and a great deal of the english speaking actors that they have acting are really bad at it. It is almost as if they themselves can't speak english or it's like a computer is saying their parts. Yes, I know that is not the focus of the story, but it is in the show. Therefore, put your best foot forward. The director should have heard and seen the mechanicalness in their speech and asked them to reshoot the scene. I'm not asking for Mr. Sunshine here where the english actors are super great. I understand that english actors may be expensive and you gotta make due, but try and make it a little more believable. Badly delivered lines and bad acting are a BIG pet peeve of mine. I know I'm being picky but that is just me. As an actor myself I'd like for the paid professionals to be better than I am.

Other than the problems I've mentioned above 12 Nights is engaging enough to keep me coming back for more, and the acting from the leads isn't awful. The acting isn't the best that I've seen, but it also isn't the worst. I do have to say that Shin Hyun Soo, who plays Cha Hyun Oh, plays his character with an innocence that I find adorable and believable. Even Han Seyung Yeon, who plays Han Yoo Kyung, has her moments that make her shine. However, over all the actors can be a bit more believable. I am looking forward to seeing what else will happen in this unique story of how fate can bring two strangers from two completely different places together.

If you give this drama a chance or have already begun to watch it, please leave me a comment and tell me what your thoughts are. I am curious to see and hear from you and what your take is on the series. I am watching it on, which is a free streaming service. Although, you'll have to wait a few days for it to be available to you if you are not a paying member. Also, I am highly anticipating for the drama Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter that will be airing on TvN. If anyone knows where I can watch it please let me know! I've not seen any advertisement on or and I honestly think the series will be a knockout. Goodbye and until next time, dear reader!

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4 commentaires

03 déc. 2018

I have seen it! I wrote a review about it. I'm enjoying it a lot and I hope things turn out well. The start of the series was great and I love how they made the characters so receptive toward each other. It's nice to see that for a change. As for this series, my guess was that he got there but showed up way after she left. Judging from his character it doesn't seem likely that he just left her high and dry or forgot about her. I think something happened to tangle him up until late and when he arrived she already left thinking he stood her up.


23 nov. 2018

I had the same thoughts as you re not showing up after the first year. Some of the musings I have had re Cha Hyun Oh not turning up are: he hurt himself (I think his knee is causing him trouble), his father or some family issue, or perhaps his new found passion for dancing became all consuming. At least we have an explanation of sorts as to why Han Yoo Kyung ended up with Eric.

I am also intrigued by her relationship with her former teacher and now client. The suggestion that the teacher feels she sold herself out is interesting. I also hope the secondary couple develop a good relationship and the young ones too. I can’t help…


23 nov. 2018

I like the artistic quality about it too. The story is unique and I can't agree with you more about Eric. He really does make her question herself and that isn't good to have in any relationship. He's just too domineering over her. I am really curious about Cha Hyun Oh and why he didn't meet with her that first year. In all honesty at first I thought it would be her to not show.


22 nov. 2018

I am quite entranced by Twelve Nights. It’s like watching a movie and I enjoy it’s artistic feel. In fact I enjoy the side stories as much as the main one. And now, they are all intersecting with one another.

In episode six, we get to see HYK say to herself “why did I do that, or why did I say that”. I also enjoyed how she tries to find out from CHO why he didn’t turn up the first time after first saying she didn’t want to hear his explanations. HYK also needs to get away from Eric as quickly as she can.

Overall, it’s like a little gem. I hope it stays that way.

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