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Angel's Last Mission: Love

Updated: Jun 25, 2019


A spoiled blind heiress Lee Yeon Seo, played by Shin Hye Sun, has dealt with hardship for most of her life. She is scarred by the past of being orphaned at a young age. She is always weary of those around her and wish her harm, because they want to steal what is rightfully hers. All of this has caused her to become an embittered young woman. Then she is saved from imminent death and suddenly has a second chance at doing what she loves, ballet, after her longtime supporter and father figure dies in the same accident she was in. Left all alone she entrusts the help of a young man named, Kim Dan. Kim Dan is an angel and Yeon Seo is his last mission. In this mission he has to find Yeon Seo's rib (second half, soul mate) or help her find love in any way. If he fails in this mission he will dissolve into dust.


Hello dear reader! It's finally here! I have finally had the time to post this, I've been waiting for quite some time to put this review up. I've been so excited for this series because it has one of my favorite actresses, Shin Hye Sun. There are three actresses that I would see anything for the first is Yoo In Na, second Shin Hye Sun, and the third is Park Bo Young. All three of these woman never cease to amaze me when it comes down to delivering a solid performance. QUICK WARNING THERE IS A BIT OF A SPOILER IN THE REVIEW BUT I INDICATED IT WITH: SPOILER.

So, let's get down to business. First, a quick reminder that I rate my dramas on mainly two categories, story telling and direction. Under Story telling I take into account not just the acting but the writing, and music as well. Under the category direction I consider both editing and direction. I call them my sticky notes because that tends to be what I write my thoughts on when I'm watching. For this Angel's Last Mission I gave the storytelling a solid 98% on my sticky notes and for directing I have a 5/5.

This is a solid story, dear reader. It always leaves you with a cliff hanger at the end of the week but it isn't one of those cliff hangers that leaves you wanting to slam your computer shut or yell at the TV when the end credits come. The cliff hangers are one of those that keep you guessing and wondering what happens next. I love that this isn't just any regular K-Drama. Yes, it does have some K-Drama clichés but what can you do, it comes with the genre. However, the characters are solid and the story is unfolding real nice. There are some surprises in the plot which helps the overall pacing be almost perfect. I really am enjoying this series.

I would like to add that I did give Angel's Last Mission a 98% not because of anything to do with the acting or the music. On the contrary the acting is amazing Shin Hye Sun delivers another phenomenal performance as does the main male lead, L (aka Myung Soo). However, I feel like some of the evil that oozes from the main wretch, the aunt and her daughter, who is trying to take everything away from Yeon Seo. Seriously, this woman almost seems inhumane. The things she does just to keep what is not hers in the first place.

SPOILER ALERT (the whole paragraph): I also think that the back story of Lee Yeon Seo and Kim Dan meeting as kids was a little unnecessary. The whole meeting your soul mate thing when you are kids is a classic K-Drama cliche so it is expected. . . kinda. Yes, keep Kim Dan's backstory in the plot. I liked that he has more of a story other than being an angel, but there was already a lot going on in the plot. It seemed to deviate from the whole redemption by love theme that the series started with. Also, the way they describe God's grace rubs me the wrong way. God is love and he wants all his creatures to experience and have love. Loving God is a choice not a command, but that is religion and I won't get fully into that because then this review would be much longer than need be and I'm sure you don't want a sermon. Am I right, dear reader?

Syn Hye Sun, was one actress I came across accidentally while watching Oh My Ghostess, which was one of my first dramas. After that she appeared again when I watched Legend of the Blue Sea with Lee Min Ho, my ultimate favorite Korean actor. She caught my eye because both rolls were completely opposite of one another. After that I heard she got a main role as Woo Seo Ri in the series 17 but 30. She absolutely blew me away in that series. I loved the complexity and yet the utter simplicity that she brought to her character. It was a well written series with a stellar cast and she was one of the stars to shine the brightest. Since then I've seen more of her dramas including Hymn of Death (if you haven't seen it yet it is on Netflix and definitely something you should watch). Lee Yeon Seo is another one of those complicated roles. Not only were there physical ailments that Hye Sun had to portray but she also needed to have this sold impenetrable dignity that only crumbles around those she trusts, even then not so much. So, there are many challenges to this role that I think Hye Sun pulls off well.

For me the surprise was in L who portrays the angel Kim Dan. I have never seen a drama with him before but that handsome man is killing it as a incorrigible but enthusiastic angel. He loves what he does and when faced with a mission goes at it like a cat running at a laser, with a bit of clumsiness but a lot of heart. He sells this role. I can feel his sadness, his awe when he watches her dance, and his uncertainty when he doesn't know what he is doing or why. The character really does have a cute personality (not to mention the actor is sexy. Like damn dude, you look good.) and is definitely a match for the prickly Yeon Seo.

I do have one suggestion before or while you are watching this drama. It seems that it is running parallel with the ballet Giselle, which is also featured within the series. It's a play about a play (kind of like Phantom of the Opera). Understanding Giselle may actually help you as a viewer understand the plot of the series as well. I know it helped me. Anyway, this is my takeaway of the series thus far. I really hope it keeps going strong unlike Her Private Life did. The series is available on both Kocowa and Viki. I watch it on Kocowa because the subtitling is a little quicker. Let me know what you think about the series or comment about the review in general. I love to hear from you, dear reader. Goodbye and until next time!

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