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Kim Hye Ja, played by Han Ji Min and Kim Hye Ja, is a young 25 year old woman who is trying to become a TV reporter and finds an object that allows her to go back in time. She goes on a series of trips back in time to try and make her life and those she loves better. On the way she falls in love with a tall handsome man by the name of Lee Joon Ha, played by Nam Joo Hyuk. The show is also about the couple as they travel through the murky waters of life together.


Hello dear reader! I have soooo much to say about this series. I have fallen in love more than you can ever know. I was anticipating Dazzling along with Touch your Heart not only because of Nam Joo Hyuk, but because the plot really piqued my interest. First, I welcome you to my blog site. If you are a returning reader, welcome and I am so glad you have come back dear reader. If you are a new reader I'll explain a little how my ratings work. I rate on two categories, story telling and direction. Under Story telling I take into account not just the acting but the writing, and music as well. Under the category direction I consider both editing and direction. I call them my sticky notes because that tends to be what I write my thoughts on when I'm watching.

On my sticky notes I gave this show a 95% on story telling and a 5/5 on directions. The acting is phenomenal not only from Han Ji Min, whom I was already expecting a good performance by, but Nam Joo Hyuk and one of the main female lead actresses Kim Hye Ja really blew me away by their performances. I have seen a good few dramas with Nam Joo Hyuk as the main lead and while he has quickly become one of my favorites, I was not expecting this kind of maturity and over all amazing performance. I wish I had more adjectives to describe my surprise at his development as an actor but at the moment I can't find any. Just know, dear reader, that this performance deserves an award. Like, I mean an academy award. I may be a little in love with him at the moment. It wasn't just him that deserve an award, but Kim Hye Ja who always either had me crying or laughing. She is amazing! This adjuma, seriously, you need to see this series if not for the amazing cast but for her. You need to see this woman in action. The writing is top notch. The plot will keep you on your toes and with a box of tissue at your side (which is why I gave it a 95%, how dare they make me cry so much). The music isn't too overbearing as it can sometimes be with K-dramas and compliments the episodes well. As for direction, I wouldn't change anything. That is a big thing for me.

Seriously, a great couple! Loved the chemistry.

As a historian I love the whole idea of nostalgia. I mean, I have literally made the philosophy of nostalgia my life's work and passion. Still, this made my whole nostalgia kick into hyper drive and ran away with it. Holy cow, I seriously don't know what to say about this and how it ended. I do know one thing for sure, I wanted more! It ended too soon, and not in a bad way. Everything was resolved as far as the story goes is concerned everything was resolved and cleared up. However, the story was just so beautiful that I could have definitely done with more. Radiant is shorter than a regular series and only lasts about 12 episodes. It is definitely worth the watch.

This drama will confuse the hell out of you, but you will fall in love with each and every character from the beginning. I waited to write this blog on purpose because I wanted to wait and binge watch the series. Much like Han Ji Min's last series, Familiar Wife, I had a good feeling about this show and I knew I'd get impatient to watch it. I wasn't wrong I breezed through the 11 episodes that are available at the moment. Everyone in the show deserves an honorable mention in all honesty. Even the lady, Lee Jung Eun, that is from Oh My Ghostess is in it and as a completely different character.

Watch this series dear reader, if you haven't already. If you have comment below and let me know what you thought. You never know, I may be fluffing this series up too much in the wake of the final episode that has me completely floored. Anyway, please let me know what you think. I watched the series on Viki with the Viki standard pass, this only means that I get to see the episode a little earlier than those who do not pay. If you do not have an account that is fine. Episodes will be free after two weeks of it's original release. The series is called Radiant or The Light in Your Eyes on Viki so if you are searching for it under Dazzling it won't pop up. However, everywhere else it seems the show is labeled as Dazzling.

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