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Good Casting

Updated: Jun 19, 2020


A group of three badass women come together to bring down a villainous ring of people who are responsible for leaking information about budding technology to other international markets. The main man to hunt down is, Michael. Who he is, no one knows. The only people who have seen him face to face are always murdered. Back Chan Mi, has a bit of a temper and is a dangerous weapon of destruction when it does flare. Im Ye Eun, is a young single mother who works for the NIS and is now on her first mission in the field. Hwang Mi Soon is a mother and a wife, neither her daughter nor her husband know what she really does for a living. What do all these women have that can possibly bring down the mastermind Michael? They have each other and skills that build on each other.


Hello dear reader! I hope this review sees you well and healthy. I know there is a lot going on in the world today. If you are looking for an escape from the sad, complicated, and hard every day life well hopefully I can help. So, here is a review about another drama that perhaps by the end of this you decided to give it a chance.

If you are a returning reader thank you so much for coming back to this page if you are new and just checking this review out for the first time, I hope you like it and come back for more! Just a quick heads up for the new readers I rate my dramas on mainly two categories, story telling and direction. Under Story telling I take into account not just the acting, but the writing, and music as well. Under the category

direction I consider both editing and direction. I call them my sticky notes because that tends to be what I write my thoughts on when I'm watching.

For this series I gave it a 95% out of story tell and a 5/5 for direction. Honestly, I loved the story and most of the characters. There were a few characters in there that I just could not understand or even like no matter how hard the writers tried. One of them being Gang Woo Won. I'm sorry, his character reminded me of a spoiled child whose parents never disciplined. The character was whiney and unnecessarily demanding. There were also a few problems I had with a few bad guys. I won't specify because I don't want to ruin it for the reader who has not seen the series yet and is planning on watching it. Let's just say they are bad guys, who are major ahjussi's (old men) with high pitch voices and the epitome of Napoleon complex.

I also dislike the fact that the issue of Hwang Mi Soon's husband was left off without so much as a nod. I'm sorry, he needed a wake up call. I would have left him and been done with him. Yet, the writers gloss over this problem with no big deal. They often even use it as comic relief, which I hated. No, this man needed a wakeup call. I hate

that they didn't address as well as I wish they would have.

Any-who, I usually do a great deal of research to see which dramas are the most heavily expected and which ones are the most highly rated. Well, this time I didn't do any research. I saw the advertisement for this while on Kokowa watching another drama, I'll Come See You When The Weather is Nice. The synopsis itself almost

reminded me of a Charlie's Angels as well as the poster they used.

After, in my opinion, the major hit of My Secret Tarrius I was majorly excited to see another spy series. If you've read My Secret Tarrius review then you might remember that I absolutely LOVE a good spy movie or TV show. Also, the fact the the series centered around three female leads had me even more excited. So, I decided to give

this one a try. I'll tell you dear reader, I ditched King Eternal Monarch and continued to watch this. The comedy and the action married well with the intrigue of the show.

I know I usually single out an actor or a few actors in my reviews, however I feel like in Good Casting that the actors and actresses were evenly yolked. I loved that Back Chan Mi was an extremely tough, rough around the edges, and a bit insane yet she still held her feminine dignity. The actress felt honest and comfortable in her role. I felt that majorly lacked in Kim Go Eun's character in King the Eternal Monarch. She probably could have taken a few notes from Choi Kang Hee, who is the actress of Baek Chan Mi. I also loved that the "momma" of the bunch was not just a ahjuma, but a woman with a great deal of strength and what I call heart. She was a very good agent, even fooled her family into believing that she was nothing more than a common insurance agent. The third agent Im Ye Eun, played by Yoo In Young, I felt was a bit whiney and weak at first but really came into her own as the the storyline progressed. She makes a few decisions that piss me off and made me roll my eyes, but I warmed up to her eventually.

There are two main love stories in the series and I am so grateful that they didn't overshadow everything else that was going on. There is a lot that happens, and not everything is answered by the last episode. If anything we get more questions by the end of the last episode. This makes me think that maybe there might be a series two?!? Oh dear reader, I do hope so. I'd love to visit these characters again.

I read somewhere, that you can imagine Good Casting as Charlie's Angel's without the Chalie. Well, I hate to break it to ya, buuuuuuuut there is a charlie. The team leader, Dong Gwang Soo played by Lee Jong Hyuk is definitely the Charlie of the team. Whoever mad the statement, how could you miss that?

That is the end of my long rant and hype up of this series. I do have one warning, dear reader, if you don't like an old almost 70's esque style of story telling then this drama is not for you. However, I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too. You can watch it on VIKI or Kokowa both are free sites. Leave me a comment blow and tell me what you thought about this series! I do love to hear from you. Goodbye and until next time, dear reader!

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1 Comment

Jul 03, 2020

Good Casting is one of my favourite shows for the year - and there is a hint of a second season (highly unlikely all the same but you never know).

This is Choi Kang Hee’s best role (and show) for some time. I haven’t enjoyed any show she has been in since 7th Grade Civil Servant. Queen of Mystery was quite popular but I didn’t like it. She is a wonderful actress.

One further show to look out for is It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. I think you will enjoy the whole construction of that one. It’s a stunning visual feast with some great acting going on!

Queen In Hyun
Oh My Venus
Legend of the Blue Sea
Strong Woman
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