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It's Okay to not be Okay


A children's book author, Ko Mun-yeong, who seemingly is a sociopath who cares nothing for anyones feelings is now doing many things out of the ordinary. Someone from her past, Moon Gang-tae, breezes in one day that brings along changes in both their lives. Gang-tae is a caregiver for special needs people both at work and at home. Unused to having people care for him, other than his best friend, and always taking care of other's he has learned to suppress his emotions and lie extremely well. Ko Mun-yeong hasn't a care or worry about what others think or say about her. She's a bit unrefined when it comes to social norms but she may be that small thin he needs as a release. He might just be the person to tame the illusive writer.


Why hello, hello my dear reader and welcome back to my review! Man, I have been itching and waiting for this review because this drama has got me hooked and thinking! I was not expecting this drama, in fact it wasn't even on my radar. I was already settled to watch another drama and write a review on that. A friend brought it to my attention. I'm glad she gave me the recommendation though!

If you are a returning reader you can skip to the next paragraph. If you are a new reader let me explain how I rate my dramas. I rate my dramas on mainly two categories, story telling and direction. Under Story telling, I take into account not just the acting, but the writing, and music as well. Under the category direction, I consider both editing and direction. I call them my sticky notes because that tends to be what I write my thoughts on when I'm watching.

For It's Okay to not be Okay I gave a 9/10 for storytelling and a 9/10 for direction on my sticky notes. As you know I am fairly picky in my dramas and I don't give high marks to just any drama. However, this drama has me reeling. The story is beautiful, and the acting is phenomenal, I especially have to give props to Oh Jung-sae who plays Moon Sang-tae. I'll tell you more about him later. The music is great and fits the scenes well, and the dialogue is well written almost like a story book itself. The direction is artistic and not quite flawless but as for the ambiance of the series it really does add to it as a whole. The transitions between scenes are unique and smooth. So, the cinematography is. . . without another way to say it, daebak!

Okay, so, I need to mention the cinematography because I absolutely love the aesthetics of this series.There is a whole underlying theme of a fairytale unfolding. The beginning credits are told in a storybook like manner going as far as displaying a book unfolding and popups coming out of it to display the character and the name of

the actor. The fashion, and backdrops are reminiscent of Hotel Del Luna but with a brother's grim meets the 21st century vibe.

I adored IU's fashion in Hotel Del Luna, and when I saw the main actress in this it immediately reminded me of that classy, elegant style. However, in It's Okay to not be Okay, she has a much darker personality perhaps similar of the bad but not so bad witch from Into The Woods kind of character and it is projected in her clothing. Like I said, everything has a fairtalesque feeling to it even going as far as adding a castle deep in the woods far from everyone and anything.

There are a great deal of deeper philosophical meaning of life to this series. It's a classic fable to be honest. Instead of animals, we have humans acting out real life issues and trying to find a way through this sticky and complicated thing called life. It

almost seems as though there is a moral to be learned every week. I almost get the feeling that the main doctor is like the narrator and benevolent father figure of this world. He plots and pulls the strings of his little marionettes to guid them in the directions that they should go. Leading his patients and his workers around him to happier and healthier versions of themselves. Maybe he's just nosey, and things just tend to work out. Who knows.

The comedy and the acting are GREAT, dear reader. As in I have no complaints about any of the actors and how they are portraying their characters. Every time I hear the whispered, psycho every time she does something unorthodox I giggle a little. Now, there is a few characters I would have liked rewritten and some side characters that I don't understand why they were included in the final script, but for the most part I absolutely enjoy the acting. As I mentioned earlier I feel I need to give a special shout out to actor Oh Jung-sae who plays main the character's, Moon Gang-tae, older special needs brother, Moon Sang-tae. As someone who has spent time with special needs people I have to day his performance is exceptional. I mean, I literally had to look up the actor to see if he did have any disability. Nope, it's all acting and what a job he has done!

Now, if you are looking for this drama and do not have netflix another name for it is Psycho. I don't know abother place to watch the series but if you read that and happen to know dear reader please leave a comment bleow stating where. Otherwise, thank you very much for visiting my little review. I hope you enjoyed this as much as i enjoyed writing it! Leave me a comment blow and tell me what you thought about this series! I do love to hear from you. Goodbye and until next time, dear reader!

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