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Little Mermaid with a Twist

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Legend of the Blue Sea

They've met before, but where or when? This story is about how love can lead you to find your soul mate, even if you have to a few hundred years before for reincarnation. There also seems to be a curse that follows the main couple through the centuries. Will they be able to break their apparent fate? 


Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) is a very good con artist, living in modern day soul. He flits from place to place with a girl on his arm and a job in sight. Although, his next venture may put him in a position that he is unfamiliar with. When a woman wakes his subconscious and reminds him of the man who he is and why he left his father's house. Little does he know that she is the reincarnated lost love of his past self.

When Shim Chung (Jun Ji Hyun) rises to the surface from the sea she experiences a world that she had never seen before. A world where humans walk on streets and lights that direct traffic. People are conversing by word of mouth, and best of all there is food. Sometimes the world is scary place but a kind hearted hot oppa to guides her through it.


So, in my last post I mentioned actor, Lee Min Ho. When I first saw a drama of his I was unaware of his popularity. And I hate to tell you this, dear reader, but my first cinematic encounter with this great actor was not Boys Over Flowers, or even Heirs, but with Legend of the Blue Sea. I know for many K-Drama lovers their first drama tends to be the television hit Boys Over Flowers or even Heirs. I have yet to see them, dear reader. They are on the agenda though. However, in my opinion this drama was no less than another great.

On my sticky notes I gave this drama a 90% on story telling and a 4/5 on directing. I wanted to give this drama a 100%. In fact, I almost did give it the perfect 100% but due to a few things toward the end of the show I gave it a 90%. The story tended to drag on a little too long. My mind started to wonder around and I even almost skipped to the very last episode to see what happens. Don't worry, dear reader, I didn't. . . Okay maybe a little.

It's been a while since I last saw this drama, but I picked it up again not that long ago. I gotta tell you that I was dying of laughter in the first episode. Shim Chung's (Jun Ji Hyun) wide eyed wonder at everything she sees when she steps out of the water is equivalent to a baby opening it's eyes to the world for the first time. Although, her actions lean more toward the nosy puppy side than a new born. I love how she just gets into everything, especially the food. She lets her stomach and nose pretty much lead her anywhere. I tell you, if I could eat liker her without worrying about gaining ten pounds I'd be right behind her.

Even when Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) finds her rummaging around his hotel room she has chocolate and other foods smeared all over her face. I was actually watching it in the middle of the night and had to stifle my laughter because everyone was asleep but I almost had tears down my cheeks.

The mystery in this show was well thought out. There were so many twists and turns that it had me utterly at a loss at times about what would happen next. There were characters that had me wondering who they were according to the main couple's past lives. I also appreciated the way that the past and the reincarnated lives paralleled and little bits of the past were revealed to help explain what was happening in the future. I loved the complex and multi layered way that the characters were written and ultimately expressed by the actors. So many things were just about spectacular in this drama. I can understand how it was competing with Goblin for a while for the number one spot. They both are great dramas.

I also loved the wise cracks at cliche moments in dramas that occur throughout the series. Like the close face to face encounter when the main leads stare helplessly lost in each other eyes. You as a viewer hold in your breath and wonder, "will they? Oh please do!" Not in this drama. I appreciated the joke about how in other dramas when you are just about to find out a key piece of information and then that fateful moment happens when the picture freezes and the show ends. Shim Chung is like all of us yelling at the TV for it to tell us what happens. They even make a crack at fan girls and the many emotions we go through while watching these addicting pieces of television.

Now, a little about the ever so handsome and charming Lee Min Ho. Oh man, it was this show that made my heart do a little pitter patter for that man. He even speaks english! I actually had to rewind the first few scenes to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I heard right though, the boy was speaking English. I even said, "oh my gosh, speak english to me again you beautiful Korean man." His character's personality is a weird combination of rude pretentiousness to sweet adorableness, if that makes any sense. Especially after he realizes that he was in love with Shim Chung. His jealousy scenes are just about the perfect mixture of adorkable and sweet. They'll make you laugh and roll your eyes almost simultaneously.

I have to say my favorite of him though is in the second episode as he is trying to escape from men who are wanting to kill him. While he fights two men on the steps he is completely unaware that she is totally kicking ass right behind him. He looks so proud of himself then looks behind with all his bravado only to barely take notice the other men sprawled out everywhere. I appreciated that he gets in touch with some of his City Hunter moves in this drama (I it watched right after finishing this one). Anyway, as you can tell he is my number one favorite actor and I hope he returns as soon as he can, after he returns from the army.

Jun Ji Hyun was no less than amazing. It takes quite a bit to be able to express yourself through nothing much other than body and facial expressions and she does it well. Especially in the first couple of episodes where she does not speak mainly due to the language barrier between humans and mermaids (you'll understand when you watch). She expresses everything through her face and and actions. I love the innocent wide eyed stare she has when looking at everything. I love and admire her unabashed heart eye stare when she looks at Heo Joon Jae (I believe that is actually what kind of hooks him too). If I were her I don't think I would be able to hide it either. He is a bit swoon worthy. Well, lets be honest I can totally relate to her when she eats too. Her giddy, foot tapping, grinning from ear to ear reaction is me when I have something yummy to eat too.

Anyway, I really hope that you give this drama a chance. I really enjoyed it and while I thought that it lagged a little toward the end that does not mean that it isn't worth a shot. In fact, if you were to give any of these dramas a shot and you are a first time viewer then I would say this would be a good one to start with ( as are Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Oh my Ghostess, and Oh my Venus, they have just the right hook to sink you). I watched this drama on Youtube, but it is also available on Viki and Amazon. Anyway, leave me a comment and let me know your reactions to this drama. Goodbye and until next time, dear reader!

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