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Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter

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A beautiful fairy, Sun Ok Nam, awaits 699 years for her husband, Jung Yi Hyun, to return. Unfortunately when their paths finally cross he is unable to remember anything about his past life or his celestial wife and children. Sun Ok Nam decides to move to Souel with her daughter and become a barista on the same college campus that Jung Yi Hyun teaches at. There is a catch though everyone sees her as a grandma, where as Jung Yi Hyun and Kim Geum, his teaching assistant, see her as a young and beautiful fairy.


Hello dear reader! So, there were so many series starting out just about now. It's a little hard to keep up. Not to mention that some series are ending like, Terius Behind Me, which was crazy good. I'll talk about that later. This was an interesting few episodes. I didn't quite understand what I was watching. The plot of this series is unfolding a little slowly than other dramas I've seen. As you can tell from my synopsis I still don't quite understand what is going on, other than the obvious. There are glimpses here and there that tell you there is more to the story than the fairy's love for her until now absentee husband who doesn't remember her. For this factor alone I haven't yet rated the story on my sticky notes. I want to see where the story is going before I do that. However, I will say that I do't have many complaints about the direction thus far.

All the actors are doing great, but I think that actors Go Doo Shim and Moon Chae Won who play Fairy Sun Ok Nam really shine in this. They really do an awesome job making me believe that they are one. They mirror each others mannerisms, head tilts, and expressions so seamlessly it is amazing. Honestly, I would put their performance up with Rami Malek on impersonating Freddy Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody or Jenifer Lopez in Selena. I know that both Malek and Lopez portrayed real life people and Goo Shim and Chae Won are technically morroring each other to create the ambiance of one person. However, my point is that they create that character and make their audience believe that they are one.

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Some of the minor characters are somewhat unnecessary. I'm speaking mostly about the three stooges that we first meet with Fairy Sun Ok Nam. I don't see how they make the story move forward. I would understand that they may be the comic relief, but the story is already comical in itself without them. Perhaps the writer has something better planned for them in the future, but at this point and time (four episodes in) there isn't much of a reason for them to be there. In fact, they almost make the story drag, although they are funny from time to time.

Anyway, that is what I got from these first few episodes. Hopefully the story progresses well. I am looking forward to seeing what our main female leads have in store for us. It is a promising beginning and I can't wait to see what is in store for Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter. I watched this series on Viki. It is free but you'll have to wait at least two weeks for the show to be available if you don't pay for the pass. Also, please leave a comment below, tell me what you think about the series thus far. Thank you and until next time, dear reader!

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Nov 23, 2018

I completely agree with you about the main male leads. I understand that k-dramas have a formula to them and typically the main male lead tends to be a pain in the butt until the main female lead changes their heart. That was part of my problem with the professor in the beginning. The writer made him so cantankerous and meticulous in wha he wants that it almost makes him unlikeable. I am going to keep on with this drama, hopefully the other part of the story unfolds. I'm beginning to get a little antsy now. I know a part of the drama is that her husband can't remember her and that she has two potential suiters, but there has…


Nov 22, 2018

I enjoyed the first five episodes but found myself stopping part way through the sixth one. Some of the whackiness is a right hoot e.g. dancing with the goats in the coffee plantation. The reason I stopped is because it dawned on me that the story may not unfold the way I want it to. So, I need to challenge myself and go back to it.

Yes, our female leads are marvellous - my thoughts exactly. I think the daughter is great. However, the male leads are underwhelming for me, despite who they are. So, I will blame my impression of their performance on the way their characters are written 😎

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