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My Perfect Stranger


Baek Yoon Young, is a young ambitious editor for one of Korea's greatest novelists. She is suddenly called home due to a tragic accident of a family member. As she mourns she wishes more than anything to help bring that family member back to life, but little does she know that her wish is about to be fulfilled. Yoon Hae Joon has had a unique life due to a time machine that suddenly appeared. He moves back and fourth through time trying to find a serial killer that got away with murder in South Korea during the 1980's. One one weird and unforeseen occasion he has an accident, something that's never happened before, that takes not just him but Baek Yoon Young back in time. The two get swept away in the events that follow in the small town.


Hello dear reader! It has been a LONG time since I've done a review. To be honest, the main reason for this being that I have had somewhat of a K-Drama slump. I've not found a drama to excite me, or even has me at the edge of my seat contemplating where the writer is going. 25/21 was the last drama that I fully enjoyed and the ending just a colossal let down. The highly rated and anticipated two part series of Alchemy of Soul's, was good but the second half was again a let down. I guess I can say I thoroughly enjoyed Attorney Woo, but aside from the one exception I've not found a drama that I've been totally hooked on. Then My Perfect Stranger found its way into my life. I first saw a trailer and advertising for in on My Drama List, and liked the synopsis for it so, I decided to give it a try.

If you are new to my reviews I rate my dramas on mainly two categories: storytelling, and direction. Under Storytelling, I take into account not just the acting, but the writing, and music as well. It is usually presented as a percentage. Under the category direction, I consider both editing and direction, editing counts for 2 points while direction counts for 3. It'll be out 5. I call them my sticky notes because that tends to be what I write my thoughts on when I'm watching. For My Perfect Stranger I have the story telling at a 98%. SHOCKING, I know. It's the same score I gave Extraordinary Attorney Woo. If you've seen my reviews before this kind of rating is rare. I'm am extremely picky. As far as direction goes, I gave this a 4/5. Needless to say, I like it. I have no complaints about the directing so far and even love the little ambiance the the director has created in this little town. The editing is alright. Not much has stood out to me as far as editing goes, but I have no complaints.

I love this series, it has definitely kept me on my toes. The writer does a good job of fleshing out mystery and intrigue. I love how at the beginning of the series there is undoubtedly three suspects to the murderer and all three new high contender then

little by little like a well written onion the writer pulls the audience back by giving us context and back story to who these people are. This keeps the audience guessing and one their toes. This is one of the best "who done it" series I've seen in a long time. I'm not going to lie I kind of feel like Agatha Christie or even Enola Holmes trying to dissect characters and motives.

Although I will say that the writer does have moments of ingenuity and usually steers clear of the all too familiar K-Drama cliché, that does not mean they are completely devoid of it. When that K-Drama cliché sneaks up, it's like a huge barrel rolling down a cliff. It's unavoidable and it came out of nowhere. When a writer creates a character who is usually meticulous and careful not to interrupt the events of the past, how the hell is he going to make a sudden fatal mistake (this is from episode 12)? Also, yes there is a dead body on the ground, and a person standing next to it with blood on his hands but there is one critical piece

of logic that the officer missed. The guy is devoid of blood anywhere else on his person. If the body is as battered as the one on the floor wouldn't you think the blood would be everywhere not just on the palms of someone's hand? Lastly, this isn't the killer's first kill, what makes the officer think that for whatever reason suddenly the killer is going to look at his victim forlorn and dazed? Not to mention his intended victim was on the run. If the person he found at the scene of the crime was indeed the killer, wouldn't the killer go after the victim he lost? The escaped victim would have most likely seen his face, thus making them now a witness. As a killer, he wouldn't want that. So, there is either two options: get the runaway victim and kill them before they can talk or get the hell out of dodge. Yet, the officer arrests him anyway. I think, as far as writing is concerned, this was my only complaint.

The actors in this series deserve a great big thumbs up. As far as acting is concerned I have absolutely no complaints. I know, this is quite a shock. Not since one of my

favorite dramas, Oh My Venus or Extraordinary Attorney Woo, have I been pleased by an entire cast. Yet, here we are dear reader, we've found another golden egg. Each actor has made a personality to their character. In the heavy scenes they are believable and in the lighter scenes I can't help but smile with them. The baddies piss me off, as they should. Ko Min Soo makes me angry to no end, again as she should. Do I understand why she does the things she does, yes. However, that doesn't mean it won't frustrate and annoy me. That's just the character though, she is made to be

disliked. The actress sells it beautifully. Gosh, I could go on. The main female lead herself, Baek Yoon Young's actress, Jin Ki Joo, is also amazing. Her performances are never disappointing. These actors know the meaning of nuance, such as accents (Baek Hee Sub), and that acting is so much more than delivering a line. It is a bodily shift. Your face and body should also emulate the character.

Anyway, I am going to end my rant here. I am so happy I have found this gem. Hopefully the last few episodes don't let me down. I have enjoyed it immensely so far. If you haven't watched it yet, I hope you try it out. If you have watched it tell me what you think of this series. I love hearing from you dear reader. I watched this on the Kocowa app, but I know sites like also has it. If you know of another site that has it leave a comment below. As always it was a joy and until next time!

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