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My Strange Hero

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

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Kang Bok Su, Yoo Seung Ho, does anything he can to get by. He was forced as a young 17 year old boy to drop out of his high school. Ten years later he runs a self hiring service where he hires himself out to do deeds that others don't want to do. After he saves the woman that helped ruin his life, Jo Bo Ah, all those years ago, he becomes something of a hot item and branded a hero. To bring back the good name of the school, his old high school asks him to return to finish his last year.


Hello dear reader! Welcome back to my blog if you are returning and welcome new reader if this is your first time joining us. First of all Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope this holiday season sees you all happy and worry free. Like I said in the past reviews I am seriously behind on my dramas so I am trying to play catch up and get all of my reviews out to you as soon as possible. I hope you like this review and decide to come back whether you are a returning or a new friend.

I gave this series an 90% on my sticky notes and a 4/5 on direction. The plot is great and I think it is progressing well. It shows how the past can haunt us more than we know, but that people can always persevere no matter the circumstances. This series is one that I have been eagerly waiting for. I haven't been disappointed yet. The directing is well thought out and the editing isn't bad either. I would have to say that when it comes the the main antagonist the director loves to play with the angles and the multpule shots. I have said it before in the past. I just don't like that kind of thing. He already looks sleazy and bad all on his own. That smile is something that verges on melting your heart or makes you want to run away. Not to mention that look in his eyes is all too mischievous (kuddos to Kwak Dong Yeon by the way for his performance).

I've got to get this out first before I say anything else. Holy cow, yes boy that is one way to make a comeback and a freaking entrance into a show! I mean the opening scene features my boy, Yoo Seung Ho, riding to an unknown destination on his moped with Michael Jackson's Bad playing in the background. Then we cut to the wedding and I don't think I've ever seen a cooler entrance in a K-Drama he disrupts the wedding in a nice fitted red suit and is haloed with an arch of red roses. Wow, talk about a shot, good job director!

Not only is Seung Ho super cool in this scene but the scene itself is hilarious and it definitely grabs your attention to see more. Seung Ho as Bok Su is just about perfect. His performance is absolutely great in this series. He is suave when he needs to be (which is most of the time), his angry and hurt scenes are believable. The character has a hero's heart but is afraid to pursue his instincts because of his past. His scars are something he wears well, but hides so others can't see the hurt. Seeing Ho pulls this off really well.

Doesn't he look so cool! Photo taken from

I know there has been a few discussions on not liking the main female lead, Son Soo Jung, played by Jo Bo Ah. Many people don't tend to like it when female leads are not more submissive in K-Dramas. However, a great many female characters in K-Dramas aren't submissive and I think when that happens it makes for a different but enjoyable story. I do agree, however, that it isn't always the case. Some strong female leads can come off badly. I think in the case of My Strange Hero it is alright for a strong not so giving female character. I guess because I am hispanic and I love it when a show has a strong willed woman like hispanic women are. I personally think she contrasts Bok Su well, because she is so determined and strong willed. Even her closed off personality sets apart from the warm, open hearted Bok Su. As a character he needs someone like her to push him to his potential. I will admit that at times she does make me a little angry at the way she treats him.

I am enjoying this series. I hope you will give it a chance, if you haven't yet dear reader. It is full of comedy, which is a nice contrast to the drama. It has a solid cast and a plot that I have to say is interesting. I even think I may rewatch this series at its end. I am watching it on, but it is also available on However, if you do not have the Viki plus pass you may want to try out Kocowa. If you have seen it and would like to discuss the show further, or have any questions, leave a comment below. I love to hear from you. Goodbye and until next time, dear reader.

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