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Oh my Venus

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Oh My Venus

This lighthearted drama about a woman who wants to take control of her life and weight again. It'll make you laugh so loud you'll worry that the neighbors might hear you. There is also a certain level of honesty of life that'll speak to you on a personal level. 


Would you like to reinvent yourself? Well, the lead in this KDrama certainly did just that. Oh My Venus is about a strong independent lawyer, Kang Joo Eun, who lost a little bit of herself while attaining her dream to be a hotshot lawyer. Her desire is to be the Cinderella of law and fairness. It isn't long after her break up with her long term boyfriend that she decides it is time for a change and time to take charge of her life and her weight again. Then enters three incredibly handsome knights in shining armor who are ready to help her on her journey.   


Gosh, how do I start this entry? Well, for starters I think I need to just say that this unbelievable drama made it to number two on my favorites list. That is not to say that it was lacking in any way, dear reader. My number one, Queen In Hyun's Man, remains so mainly for sentimental reasons. In fact, on my little sticky notes I gave it the same rating as I did Queen In Hyun's Man. It got a 100% on story telling and a 5/5 on directing from me. That being said, let me continue to gush about this beautifully inspiring story.

First off, that is exactly what this story is, inspiring. After watching this drama a hunger to work out and eat better made its way into my daily routine. It was inspiring to see Kang Joo Eun transform into her old self-confident personality that we see in the beginning. Sometimes when you have a goal to attain in life we lose sight of anything else in the world and along the way we tend to lose something. I am a great deal similar in that respect with the main character. For our main character, she loses sight of her confidence and her weight.

What I like about this drama was that she didn't lose weight quickly, in fact it happens slowly. Although, sometimes you can sorta tell she isn't wearing the fat suit. I can't shame her for that though, I'm sure it was really heavy. Anyway, she loses the weight progressively, which means you don't see her fat one episode then skinny the next. I love how you can also see her struggles while on her journey to reclaim her old self. You see her flounder her way out of the obesity jungle, and in life (especially with her ex-boyfriend). I mean who else finds the whole diet thing super hard? I know I do. And boy oh boy did I understand her when all she wanted was something deep fried but all she could have was assorted fruits, veggies, and spice-less meat. I also loved her determination. I mean this girl has some serious determination I would have dropped to the floor and gave in during some of those early work outs. Of course, if I had three incredibly hot men cheering me and helping me I would have probably kept it up too.

Now, dear reader, I must admit that my attraction to this drama wasn't just in the story line. There is some serious eye candy in this drama ladies. Seriously, the first shot of So Ji Sub (who so happens to be the main male lead, Kim Young Ho/ John Kim) is of him doing pull ups on a high bar. Oh my, if you are anything like me you'll take one look at those rippling back muscles and drop your jaw. Whoo that man is. . . Wow! Then you meet the dynamic duo that complete the sexy three musketeer trio. Kim Ji Woong, played by Henry Lau, and Jang Joon Sung, played by Sung Hoon, are John Kim's best friends and business partners. Joon Sung is a boxer that John Kim sponsors and Ji Woong, is his manager. While both are sexy, I found Sung Hoon (the boxer) to be unbelievably. . . well for lack of a better word, hot. I swear he must be the Korean version of Adonis (although he will never replace Lee Min Ho, I don't know what it is but that boy just does it for me). Then there is Ji Woong who is so sweet you could get a cavity. His character just oozed adorableness. You'll fall in love with this guy's endearing personality. He isn't too bad on the eyes either. I even have to say that the bastardly ex-boyfriend was good looking (bleh).

Image was from Google Images.
Seriously, look at those cuties!!!

Who also doesn't love a bit of comedy? This drama is wracked with humorous encounters and dialogue. I found the episode where she insists on a lazy day, which she dubs Kan Joo Eun day hilarious. John Kim's adversity and reluctant compliance to most of her request are just too funny. Some moments though, are so embrarrasing that you'll want to slap your forehead and cover your eyes. Yet, it still keeps you interested enough that you'll peek though your fingers to see what is happening.

The two main characters' chemistry is just seriously off the charts though. I have to say, this is also what kept me coming back for more. Especially after John Kim realizes his attraction to Kang Joo Eun (which I might add is before she loses all the weight), the sexual tension is off the charts. Don't get me wrong, they have some really sweet moments too, but when those sexy moments come you'll definitely feel the tension. You'll hold your breath in anticipation for that first kiss then sigh as a little wow escapes your lips when it finally happens.

Of course, not everything is perfect. Even though I rated this drama 100% I hated one of the main character's, the ex-boyfirend and his new girlfriend. Ugh, those two and their relationship were just so annoying. Then the director had to go and try to not make him completely the bad guy by showing some redeemable qualities. Sorry director, didn't work I still pretty much hated his guts and I found their relationship annoying. The funny part is, I didn't mind the girlfriend as much after she reconciles with Kang Joo Eun. Well, I didn't dislike her as much. I pretty much hated his guts, I was never quite okay with him.

I even liked the music. The main theme song is so catchy it'll get you snapping your fingers and rocking back and forth like a classic doo-wop singer. "You are my beautiful, beautiful lady, something, something, something in Korean (I'm not going to try to write it, it already sounds like garbled mush when I try to sing it out loud)."

Anyway, I hope you liked this entry and please give this great drama a try. If you do please leave a comment below and tell me what you think about it. I watched it on Drama Fever, but I think it is also available on You-Tube. Goodbye and until next time, my dear reader!

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