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Romance is a Bonus Book

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

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Two friends Eun Ho, played by Lee Jong Suk, and Kang Dan-i, played by Lee Na Young, who have known each other over two decades move in with each other. Dan-I is a divorcee and unable to find work in order to keep her and her daughter, who is at school abroad, living. She then turns to the only person she can think of, her best friend, Eun Ho. Eun Ho seems to have it all. However, we learn pretty quickly that he is not so lucky in the romance department and is often accused of not being able to love anyone. Living in one house, and old feelings of love and longing, all culminate for an interesting romance story.


Hello Dear reader! I hope you are all well and happy. I have so much to tell you about these new series that have premiered in this new year. If you are returning to this page thank you for coming back! If you are a new viewer, welcome to my page! I hope that you like my review and return. Just in case you are unaware of how my ratings work. I rate on two categories, story telling and direction. Under Story telling I take into account not just the acting but the writing, and music as well. Under the category direction I consider both editing and direction. I call them my sticky notes because that tends to be what I write my thoughts on when I'm watching.

Okay, so, a lot of new dramas have started within this month. I have to tell you, dear reader, I have been looking forward to a number of them. Three of them in particular actually. Dazzling, which stars Nam Joo Hyuk's in his comeback to the small screen, Touch Your Heart, which stars my girl Yoo In Na's comeback as well as her Goblin costar Lee Dong Wook, and Romance is a Bonus Book. Of course, I will be writing a review on both Dazzling and Touch Your Heart, but Romance is a Bonus Book came out first and has the most episodes out so I can talk a little more about it's content.

I am loving this series so far. However, I do have my problems about it as well. On my sticky notes I gave this series a solid 90% on story telling. I do have to tell you that a big reason for it getting a 90% is due to the acting in the series. I have a few problems with the plot that I will address later in the series. I gave it a 5/5 on direction because the directing in this series is classic and a little cliché but still lovable.

This is definitely Lee Jong Suk's year. I mean after the success that was The Hymn of Death (if you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it. It is a short series and available on Netflix. It is both beautiful and tragic.) I was extremely excited to see him in a romantic comedy. He doesn't fail to deliver and I have to say he does it with an interesting twist. I love the "inner" dialogue that he has with himself. The inner him is sophisticated and often has to talk himself out of whatever childish deed he wants to do.

Although, Lee Jong Suk does an excellent job portraying his character it is Lee Na Young that is have to give real credit to. She plays her part so well. She is resilient but broken and hard working but ready to get back to where she was. I love her complexity. I also love the chemistry between the two leads. They work real well together.

However, I hate how freaking blind she is when it comes to Eun Ho's feelings toward her. I mean it couldn't be even clearer if it she was hit with it by a truck. I get that is how their relationship has always been, but damn dude open your eyes! Even Eun Ho's Ex sees it and mentions it to him. This is actually one of the main reasons why I only gave the rating a 90%, and if it wasn't for great acting it would be 85%. I get we have to start somewhere with the relationship but when its obvious, it's obvious. And I just hate cat and mouse games. Other than that the only other problem I have with her character is the hair, eesh woman I need you do get a different style.

The Dialogue in this show is great. I love the little hidden meanings in messages that are splayed thought everywhere. Who knew someone would find another way to say I love you, reminds me of Princess Bride's "as you wish." I also recently read an article about how the show can somewhat emulate that of the American TV series Crazy Ex Girlfriend. I can see where they were going with that comparison. It certainly has the same plot where a woman tries to find happiness in an unhappy life. She is a big dreamer and runs after those dreams full force to make them real. It does have a light and funny twist to it as does Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. However, that is where the similarities end.

Anyway, that is my little splurge for this series if you have seen it leave a comment below and let me know what your take on it. I am watching it on Netflix, I am pretty sure that is the only service that provides the show in America. If you know of another place then leave a comment below so others can have a chance at seeing it as well. Goodbye and until next time, dear reader!

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Mar 21, 2019

haven't seen it yet, but will soon.


Mar 18, 2019

What a lovely conclusion!


Mar 10, 2019

I have reached that point of trepidation before watching each episode, because it is such a good story and I want those wonderful elements to continue. Today, was a big thumbs up from me (ep 13), we had the flicking of the coats by the founding members, the two newbies getting closer together, Eun Ho digging in and supporting Dan-i (their relationship seems to be evolving naturally now) and Hae Rin desperately trying to apologise (I hope things work out for her).


Mar 10, 2019

Okay, I can agree with that. It's true her character has been more stripped for the audience to see than Lee Jung Sooks and I completely agree with you that it isn't his best to date. Yet, I still think he's done a marvelous job.


Feb 27, 2019

With Eun Ho it is to do with the dichotomy of his character. I felt up until now we got to see the real Dan-i, but not the real Eun Ho. Then, in episode 10, as the mask starts to fall away, we see a wonderful performance from him. Perhaps that is the whole point re his character. I do think it is Lee Jong Suk’s best role to date.

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