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Terius Behind me

Updated: Dec 29, 2018


So Ji Sub plays Kim Bon aka agent Terius who is hiding in plain sight to clear his name. While on a mission to help a valuable scientist who was working for the government to make high tech weapons agent Terius was shot and his name sullied. He went into hiding and moved across from a woman with two incorrigible twins who's high energy levels tend to tire any babysitter. Due to some circumstances her life and his intertwine and he then takes it upon himself to watch over her and the children. He then takes on the roll of the children's babysitter, since she needs to support her family and return to work.

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Hello dear reader, if you are returning for this new review then welcome back. If you are a new reader then I heartily give you my greetings and thank you for giving this blog a chance. I hope you see something helpful and return. I was honestly looking forward to this drama. You know how sometimes you tend to hype a movie or show up so much then when you actually watch it, it just doesn't hold up to your standards? Well, thankfully it was the opposite for Terious Behind Me. I knew I was going to like this show. Not only for the reason that I love So Ji Sub and the main actress Jung In Sun, who plays Go Ae Rin, but because I always love a good spy movie. The genre is like catnip for me. I just go crazy for it. One of my favorite movies growing up was James Bond. Then Man from U.N.C.L.E. came out and quickly snatched my attention and replaced my favorite James Bond movie as my number one spy film. I went to see it three times. . . Okay, it was four.

Since the storyline has already surprised me I am actually going to rate this one. So, I gave this a 95% on my sticky notes and that was on the first few episodes alone. Hopefully they will be able to keep up the good work, because it'll be a shame if something happens and it becomes predictable or boring. I also gave it a 4/5 out of directing. I didn't see much that I would have done differently. The director does have a tendency to use slow motion on certain parts that I found were unnecessary but all in all the direction is great as is the storyline!

There was one character that kinda threw me in for a loop and that is Go Ae Rin's husband. I kinda predicted his fate, however the way his situation actually panned out surprised me. (WARNING SPOILER) At one point I thought he was going to be MIA or dead. Since the drama is supposed to be a Rom Com and a spy thriller something was amiss when So Ji Sub turned out to not be the husband. There was hardly any mention of the husband in the first episode and then he randomly showed up. Then I thought he was going to leave her and be a dead beat but he wasn't. He actually wasn't a bad man, and I have to say the director and writer made a good point to show that he and Go Ae Rin still loved each other despite their arguments. They were married and in a stressful situation. How his story actually ends made me feel guilty as sin though. Jung In Sun really outdid herself in those scenes. I felt it, and it made my guilt all the worse. END OF SPOILER

I first saw our main male lead in Oh My Venus. That drama made me fall in love with So Ji Sub's acting. He is just so natural in his roles and it is not hard to believe him as the character in which he plays. If you are like me and used to seeing him as John Kim in Oh My Venus you may be a little taken aback when you see Terius Behind Me. The characters are not extremely dissimilar, but the difference in personality will shock you. So Ji Sub manages to pull it off. He is a great actor and this is another great job.

The same goes for our main female lead, Jung In Sun. Her acting is impeccable in this series. I first saw her in Go Go Waikiki or laughter at Waikiki, and I absolutely loved her in that drama. Her acting was good and she does have knack for comedy. I do have to say though she has done much better in this drama than in Go Go Waikiki.

Anyway, that is my opinion on this series. The ending was great but I was expecting a little more romance. I need a season two now for those two to get their romance on! I am watching it on but I believe it is also available on both sites are free. If you are not a member you may have to wait a couple weeks to see the episodes. If you can't wait like me then I believe that will have a list of places where you can watch it. I hope you liked this review. If you do please subscribe to the site. If you give this drama a try leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Goodbye and until next time, dear reader!

Update: If you were watching on dramafever the series is now available on Kocowa. That is the only sight streaming it as of now. Kocowa is also a free sight but in order to watch the newer episodes you'll have to pay the monthly fee, it's around $7 a month.

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Oct 20, 2018

Yes, it would be good to have a review by you of Master‘s Sun. It’s a very popular and highly rated drama.

It‘s interesting to see that in terms of Man from Uncle, David McCallum (Kuryakin) is still going strong and has renewed world wide popularity re his role on NCIS. I thought he and Robert Vaughan were fabulous and the quintessential secret agents. I remember watching both Man from Uncle and Star Trek from the doorway into the lounge room late at night. I’m sure my parents must have known I was there.


Oct 18, 2018

I’ve seen a few episodes of the original Man from UNCLE but not many. I am a historian and I grew up watching the classics like I love Lucy and the Dick Van Dyke Show. I used to fall asleep to them when I stayed with my grandparents. I really am enjoying this show. Not going to lie I had a bit of panic attack when Dramafever went down. But I’ve found it on another site. Surprisingly I just finished watching the master’s sun I’ve been wondering if I should write a review on it.


Oct 13, 2018

Like Teleri, I enjoyed the Man From Uncle series way back when as a kid. It was fabulous. I also liked the movie very much and have watched it twice.

So Ji Sub is an awesome actor. He is marvellous in The Master’s Sun (along with Gong Hyo Jin - who is absolutely a stand out in anything she does) and plays a much lighter role in the delightful One Sunny Day which is either shown as a series or cut together as a movie. Of course then there is Oh My Venus!

In Sun is wonderful in Terius. I have liked her in so many things. However, with Waikik, unfortunately, I only lasted about 15 minutes. When you look…


Teleri Ferch Nyfain
Teleri Ferch Nyfain
Oct 11, 2018

I've seen almost everything So Ji Sub has done (ok, did NOT watch It Happened in Bali - for reasons). I love him. SUCH a great actor! I've also seen our lead girl in 4 dramas. She's doing very well here! I am totally with you about spy thrillers BTW - I got excited when you mentioned Man from UNCLE until I realized it was the FILM - I'm old. I was addicted to the SHOW back in the 60s!!!! I'm just loving this so far - very fun!

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