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Terrius Behind Me pt. 2

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

(Photo from AsianWiki)

Photo from AsianWiki

Hello dear reader! It has been a while since my last post but I was having some difficulties with subtitling and then I couldn't find the series anywhere else. Then promptly after my stinking subtitles returned, Warner Bros. went and pulled the plug on DramaFever. I have to tell you dear reader, I was (and still am) angry about the sudden disappearance. Just one day out of the blue as I sat down to watch the newest episode of 100 Days My Prince I no longer had access to the videos. Then dumb me believed the little message on the app that said the server was "under maintenance." I went back yesterday to catch up on Terrius (Because things were getting intense, and

I've been waiting for this all week), when Lo and behold I recieved the same message.

So, I decided to investigate (sorry this may be a little rant. I'm angry and I need to get it out somehow. You can skip to the actual review in the next paragraph if you aren't interested in the rant.). Upon searching on the all knowing Google I got the sad and awful news that DramaFever had gone under pulling the rug out from under my tastefully passionate K-Drama world. If you did not know dear reader, DramaFever owned the only license to popular new dramas such as 100 Days my Prince, Devilish Joy, Terrius Behind Me, 17 but 30, Gangnam Beauty, and others. This means that no other streaming company is allowed to give access to these shows within North America. Sorry dear reader, if you were a loyal user of the app/site I completely sympathize with you. I am equally angry and disappointed at the loss of our K-Drama haven. Hopefully other streaming services will pick up the licenses.

As I was stress eating and complaining to my sister that it wasn't fair, I discovered that Terrius was picked up by KOCOWA (as was 17 but 30). You'll have to pay to actually watch it, but it is there and available. I am now completely caught up, save for tonight's episodes of course. The story is a solid 95% on my sticky notes and I dare say it is verging on 100%. Directing is still a solid 4/5. I can't give it any more than that because I'm picky. This series never ceases to surprise me. Even if I do end up predicting something I never expect the twist that actually comes with it. For example, when Go Ah Rin is kidnapped by men in black driving a big black van I expected our hero to go after her. What I didn't expect was how she actually ends up safely escaping from their clutches. I also didn't expect to be laughing at it either. The comedy is something this I find to be real unique. The series has a mixture of comedy, spy, mystery, drama, and romance (perhaps a budding one? Please?) and it's unlike anything I've ever seen before. Writer Gong Ji-Young is making a real masterpiece in my opinion.

Okay, I have to gush about the two child actors here for a moment. I mean, wow, they really are selling it. When they cry I feel like crying. The little girl really sold me when she had stomach pain. My hat goes off to the both of them. They are such master's at their craft and at such a young age! They do help in the whole ambiance of So Ji-Sub's character, Kim Bon, and even Go Ah Rin. I have to even appreciate the metaphor that they gave about Bon's dark home with his closed curtains. It really does show how character has changed a great deal since Ah Rin and the Joon-Joon twins have entered his life. He was alone and in the dark, but when they came and drew back the curtains to let the light in his life shine in once again. I have to give another mention of respect to the writer for allowing the children to deliver that line.

According to Soompie Terrius has pulled out in the ratings as number one this week. They even experienced a rating increase during the second half of the show. They have left Heart Surgeons, which came at number two, and Ghost Detective, which came in at number three, in the dust.

Hopefully the good work continues! In the meantime I will do my best to find a way to finish Devilish Joy so I can tell you my honest rating on the show. If you know of where I can find it please let me know. So far I have found Where Stars Land, Terius, and 100 Days my Prince. If you are looking for 100 Days my Prince I found it on YouTube. Hopefully, YouTube is kind and doesn't take the videos down and allows the rest to upload. I'll be very unhappy if I can finish that one. As mentioned before Terius Behind Me is available on KOCOWA. Please leave a comment on your opinion of the show, or even this whole debacle of DramaFever. Goodbye and until next time, dear reader!

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Oct 20, 2018

At the halfway mark, Terius has continued to deliver. The scene where he is back as the sitter and picks up the twins at the bus stop was priceless.

With Heart Surgeons, I ended up dropping it. The actresses are very good, but the male characters are woeful, as is most of the story. I never started Ghost Detective as it really didn’t appeal to me, and most of the reviews out there suggest that was a wise move.

I am more than happy with how Devilish Joy is going (especially now that Joo Ki Beum has been exonerated). I also like Where Stars Land as well.

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