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Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Queen In Hyun's Man

A time traveling romp that will make you laugh, cry, and make you ask, 'omo wae, wae did I watch this?' You will fall in love with this addicting Drama.


Nobleman and scholar, Kim Bung do from the Joseon era is a loyal supporter of the recently deposed queen, Queen In Hyun. He does all he can to bring his queen back into her rightful place. He receives a talisman that enables him to travel in time, specifically 300 years into the future. It is there in the crazy, and confusing future that he meets unknown actress Choi Hee Jin. Who happened to just receive her first big role as Queen In Hyun in a drama. She quickly becomes someone who he can trust and the two eventually fall in love. Of course, nothing with time travel can be easy. Things change and get confusing and sometimes some evil thugs are out to kill you for doing the right thing.


I don't know about you, dear reader, but I do not much enjoy an overdramatic show. I can't stand American soap operas, or Spanish Novela's. In fact, I had to stop watching Jane the Virgin for the reason that it was getting too ridiculous and melodramatic. The same goes for Crazy Ex-Girlfirend, which is a pity because the first season was incredible. There were days that I would watch even rewatch an episode twice. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy some American TV, but it is rare. The main reason being that the first season will be great, perfect even. The show will have me at the edge of my seat itching and obsessing until the next week when a new episode came out. Then the next season would be good, but a tad lackluster compared to its first run, etc. Until finally when you reach five or six seasons and your main character's character development hasn't quite been developed much, they are still complaining about the same things that they were in the first season (which should have already been resolved), and the writers seem to have lost any kind of creativity when it comes to the theme of the season. They tend to run the same tired arch and even reuse some storylines (Ahem, Once Upon a Time). Anyway, I have made my way to Korean Drama's and I am not regretting it.

Next to my bed is a nightstand where my prayer journal sits. On top of that journal is sticky notes with a list of dramas that I want to see and have already seen. Next to the names of the dramas I have rated them from 1-100% on story lines and a 1-5 on direction. I'm a bit nitpicky when it comes to cinema hehe, and I'm a but of an amateur citric. This drama in particular I gave a 100% on story line and a 4/5 on direction (there were a few things I would have done differently).

Queen in Hyun's Man was not my first Asian drama, in fact it wasn't even my first Korean Drama. I won't lie, it took me a couple of episodes to actually get hooked, but once I did there was no going back. It snuck into my heart and I have yet to find it's equal in my eyes. The comedic and serious scenes equalize each other, even complimented one another. Life isn't that serious dear reader, or it shouldn't be. I appreciated that about Queen In Hyun's Man, the writers seemed to have understood that life isn't just one suppressing moment after another, but a series of rise and falls mixed in with a dash of crazy, laughter, even a tad bit of cheese, and miracles.

There are many unusual things about this drama that I found inovative and refreshing. For example, it seems as though the main lead and the second male lead have changed personalities. If you have watched Korean dramas before you'll understand the whole second male lead syndrome. Well, this time you won't feel too guilty for him not getting the girl. Instead, you'll see the first male lead and question yourself about weather or not this man is actually the main lead. To start off with, he is loyal, kind, and seriously badass. He doesn't start off with the usual cocky, narcissistic personality that most male leads start with in Korean Dramas. You may not fall for his looks, but you'll fall for his personality. The things he says and does for Hee Jin are so touching and sweet it'll make you sigh with envy and awe. Or it may perhaps make you smile, especially in the beginning when he just tells her things without a filter.

Actress Yoo In Na, plays Choi Hee Jin and I have to say because of this drama she has made a fan for life. I've seen in her in other drama's and I can't help but scream at my TV, "Hey its Queen In Hyun!" Her performance in this drama is incredible (as is the main lead Ji Hyun Woo who plays Kim Bong Do). The character's personality is somewhat chirpy and hopeful to begin with. But it is in the scenes where the character's worry about her ability to make other's like her and her inability to land a decent role (in the beginning) make this actresses abilities shine. Then we get to the more dramatic scenes that I was stunned to amazement. Her heart wrenching crying was so realistic that it made tears spring into my eyes. In the more heavy dramatic scenes both Hyun Woo and In Na made me need to reach for the tissue box. Seriously, there were tears streaming down my cheeks. It it usually pretty hard to move me to that kind of sentiment.

Not to mention the chemistry between In Na and Hyun Woo. They are just so stinking cute together. Their flirting is so innocent and sweet that your heart really does flutter for their relationship. The way they look at each other too, man, it's just so heart warming. It will leave you sighing. I love how they just talk to each other so comfortably and yet still have a cute flirtatious undertone.

One thing absolutely appreciated was the continuity of this drama. It is a big pet peeve of mine when TV shows or movies are inconsistent with their stories and content. I loved Kim Bong Do's slackjawed and confused expression when he first sets foot in the future. This is followed throught the show when he encounters something new (which is a lot of the time). I also love how it shows him learning new things and exploring how the Korean culture and life has evolved from his time. The use of vernacular was likewise something I appreciated. Bong Do still uses his Joseonian speech when he travels into the future. Thus, there is somewhat of a language and even cultural barrier between the two leads. He has to learn everything.  

Anywho, I hope that you enjoyed this first blog and come back for more. I also hope this has made you think about starting this wonderful drama. If you do and you like it please leave a comment underneath. I'd like to hear your opinion. If you don't know where you can see it, I watched it on You-Tube. The whole drama is on there, or it is also available at Drama Fever. I also hope I didn't give anything away. I tend to do that when I am exited. You can also leave a comment if you enjoyed reading the blog!

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